Massage Therapy

   Massage Therapy is a specified therapy that not only helps with the muscular system, it also improves circulation throughout the body, rids the body of toxins, improves and strengthens the immune system and is also a great way to help with maintaining auto-immune diseases.  Massage is not only for relaxation, but helps relieve muscle soreness, tightness and muscle spasms that build up in the muscular tissue.  Clients who are in tune with their bodies seem to benefit greatly through Massage Therapy because the mindset to be healthy and nutritionally driven is already there.  People of all ages can benefit from Massage Therapy for the fact that it increases flexibility, range of motion, immune system function, cardiovascular/circulation as well as decreasing soreness in the muscles, relieving trigger points, muscle spasms, achiness, stiffness and fatigue.

We encourage our patients to have a massage at least once a month for the overall health benefits.